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10:30 AM Sunday Worship Service      11:45 AM Sunday School & Bible Study​

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God is Love and will lead you where you need to be.

Be Inspired!

​​God led you here for a reason.  He wants to make His unfailing love and the joy of salvation an integral part of your life.  We offer you our friendship and hope you will visit us for a Sunday service or Bible study.  
Our prayer is that you are blessed and enriched by worshiping with us.  We pray that our loving God envelops you with His Spirit and His peace and that you find joy in worshiping with us at Saint Paul Lutheran Church.

Hello, My Name Is

​by Matthew West

Joyful Praise!  Music is a precious gift from God.  We strive to praise Him with a combination of reverence and joy, aided by our professional musicians on drums, keyboard and guitar.  We have several singers who serve as song leaders as we 'sing to the Lord a new song' to praise His holy name.

Holy Communion is celebrated the second and fourth Sundays of the month. We want everyone to share in this important spiritual blessing.  Because the Bible warns of misuse of this sacrament and the spiritual harm that it can cause, we ask that you speak with the pastor before communing for the first time.